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Patient Comfort and Office Amenities
Moist towels, Massage chairs, Warm blankets, mild sedation

Moist towels ~  Our office offers a warm moist aromatherapy towel, so that you can clean up post dental treatment.

Warm Blankets ~ Relax under the cover of a warm fleece blanket while receiving your dental care.

Massage Chairs ~ Our treatment rooms are equipped with heated massage chairs. You control the level of heat and massage while receiving your quality dental care.

Noise reducing head phones & iPods ~ Choose one of our many iPods, or block out the world with noise reducing head phones while receiving your dental care.

Mild Sedation ~ Our office offers Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) or Halcion tablets. The tablets make you sleepy and relaxed, so a driver is necessary. The tablet also has amnesia qualities, so you do not remember the details of your appointment.