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Fundraiser honoring Betty White

You have probably seen this Facebook challenge more than once….
I would like to challenge everyone on Facebook. On Betty White’s 100th birthday (January 17th) everyone should pick a local Rescue or Animal sanctuary in your area and donate just $5.00 in Betty Whites name.

I even posted it on my personal page and then I thought - We can do one better - in honor of Betty White and her love of animals and their well-being we are planning to donate $5 for every patient scheduled in our office.

We will have five local animal rescues and you can choose where we donate your $5. (You can donate more if you choose also). We will be supporting Focus on Ferals; Second Chance Cats of WM; C-Snip; Mosh Pit Rescue and Hearts of Hope Dog Rescue (Click on the organizations name to visit their Facebook page) 

We will all be sporting our Betty White shirts and donating to our favorite animal charities in Betty's honor. We only have a few appointments open January 17th, so schedule now, have some fun and support some great local animal causes. IF you would like to donate feel free to drop by anything between 8:30 am and 5 pm.

Crest is adding a bonus to our event. IF you choose to donate $5, or more to one of our charities you will receive a full size tube of Crest toothpaste. (retails for $7) 

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