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Dental Technologies

Our office utilizes both hard and soft tissue dental lasers.
Both our Fotona and WaterLase Lasers can perform cavity removal with our dental laser in place of the dental handpiece. This gives you a comfortable experience without the numb lip, cheek and tongue after your visit. 

Single Tooth Anesthesia (S.T.A.) allows us to numb only the lower tooth being treated. If you prefer not to have your lip, tongue and cheek numb after treatment this would be a great option for you. It works well for patients that have a hard time feeling numb with traditional dental injections. 

If you do need anesthesia (numbing) during your visit we can reduce the time of numbness with Oraverse. Oraverse reverses the effects of dental anesthesia. 

Our office offers the DentalVibe​. The Dental Vibe is a tool that confuses your nerve cells by vibrating the tissue surrounding the infection site so the nerves do not transmit the needle or actual injection to your brain.
Each of our treatment rooms are computerized and have intraoral cameras, so you can see your teeth and understand your dental needs to a better degree. 

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