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"My husband and I are new to the practice. We are extremely happy to be here! All of the staff are very friendly and genuine! I have had the best experience I’ve ever had at a dental practice! The care we have received has been beyond our expectations and we look forward to many years of a great relationship with Brian Nylaan and his team! Special shout out to Sara, she’s very knowledgeable and confident in her work and super friendly!"

Mary T

"I’ve been going to Dr Nylaan for the last 38 years. He is fantastic! Those girls are the front desk are amazing And do a great job of making sure patients don't forget about their appt."


"I’ve been going to Nylaan Dental since I moved to Grand Rapids 18 years ago. I even moved further away from the office and still stay loyal because I love the practice. All the staff are so kind and the dental work is always up to date with the most evidence based care. Jessica was my hygienist today and she went above and beyond. She provided great tips for caring for my teeth and was so gentle!"


"I have severe anxiety with dentists. This office set up a consult before doing anything with my teeth just to talk and get comfortable. I had my second appointment and first cleaning today. I would highly recommend this dentist. They are professional, flexible, and I'm very thankful to have found them."


"Everyone at this office was friendly and helpful. Dr. Brian was extremely impressive and very happy with my switch. He has eliminated my "dentist trust" issues."


"Everyone is always very kind and friendly."


"I went to the dentist with the hope of getting a tooth extracted however when asked how another tooth was doing, I replied it was sore and sensitive. So instead of pulling it they were able to remove the decayed matter, and add the temporary/permanent filling until I can get a filling and a crown. I get to save my own tooth, and save myself from a root canal! Your product saved me time, money, pain, and saved my health. Not to mention saving my original TOOTH! You guys have invented a tooth fairy! Well, one that you can see. What fun! Thank you for making the most jaw dropping, heart stopping, eyes popping product for the dental field to offer."


"Today, Dr. Brian S. Nylaan performed a miracle, not only did he restore my smile, but also my confidence and a bit of ego. He is an expert at his craft and profession. Much kudos to his entire office for their care and professionalism!"


"Each and every time and each question. It makes a client feel appreciated."


"My overall experience from check in to check out has been consistently positive during all my visits. Quite frankly, in terms of the health of my teeth, and office experience, I would give them 10 out of 10 ."


"Nice catch on the higher blood pressure. Good total wellness program!"


"I was more comfortable in the dentist chair than I was in my own living room. I was nervous and when I sat down a staff person offered to turn on the massage portion of the chair, she gave me a neck wrap that was warmed up and she gave me a blanket. That was fantastic. Everyone took the time to explain everything to me and promised every comfort in my long ride with them. I am very happy with my new dental team!"


"The staff is always very welcoming and can ease the stress of a busy work day by merely walking through the door."


"Heat pad for neck. Everyone welcomed me warmly with big smiles. The environment was beautiful from the waiting room with coffee/tea/water to the dental room where can watch birds and wildlife from the large windows. Everyone took time to answer questions and made me feel like was their number one priority. I never thought I would ever look forward to having my teeth cleaned but this is not your typical dentist office either."


"Everyone is very friendly and helpful throughout my appointments. They called at the end of the day after a more extensive appointment to check up on me showing they genuinely cared. Overall, Dr. Nylaan and his team are the best I have ever experienced. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great dentist."


"I was impressed by everything from the smiling greeters at the front desk who remember your name to the hot towel to wipe your face afterwards to Brian being honest and concerned about my overall health. They don't operate on teeth they operate on people with teeth!"


"Going to the dentist is not one of my favorite things in life but the team makes the experience as pleasant as possible."


"Great friendly, caring and almost like family."


"The laser treatment was awesome...fast, painless, and no numbness."


"I've never in my life had a hygienist let alone my dentist call me to see how I was doing. Dr. Nylaan cares about his clients and goes the extra mile. I'm glad I switched Dentists. Also, my kids have never showed or expressed any fear of going to the dentist. Dr. Nylaan and his staff make it a very kid friendly practice."


"I'd like to thank Val after my last check up. You guys were busy but she
was cheerful, thorough but gentile and I had a great experience all around.
She even laughed at my dumb jokes which really goes above and beyond."


"Dr. Nylaan and his entire staff continuously provide an EXEMPLARY level of service. The office staff is courteous, considerate and helpful. The dental assistants are familiar and knowledgeable. Dr. Nylaan is by far the most gentle and personable dentist I've ever had the pleasure to visit. I used to be terrified of visits to the dentist. Now I feel completely safe. I actually look forward to visiting my "friends" there, as well as relaxing in the comfortable chair with a nice warm neck wrap. My wait is always short and I never feel like a number... Plain and simple, everyone there is THE BEST. I can't say enough great things about this group or their services. Thank you!"


"Beautiful, relaxing and professional atmosphere. Very state of the art feeling, staff was very informative and friendly. Pleasant experience! "


" I love all your staff, from Olivia's smiling face to Val's superb cleaning. I love the heated neck wrap! Val is so thorough, and she has such great attention to detail. I love the way she explains everything and gives me tips on how to take care of my teeth. "


"I received the injection that helps the tingling go away quicker following my appointment... absolutely FABULOUS invention!!! I was SO MUCH HAPPIER than I've ever been after an appointment that involved numbing, which usually lasts HOURS after I leave the office... mostly because this girl is so sensitive that I have to get more numbing than the average patient - but with this shot, it was about a half hour later!"


"I've never walked into any kind of medical office and they offer me a warm neck wrap, pillow, massage on the chair, or an iPod if I didn't care for the music. Or the fact that they have disposable toothbrushes to use in the bathroom. I was so thankful for that one!! They go above and beyond meeting your needs. Beyond all the extras the staff always makes you feel welcome and cater to your needs. They made my boys' visits so comfortable. I never heard them complain once about going."

"It is nice to walk into an office that has up to date equipment vs. the dinosaur stuff at my previous dentist. I know it probably does the job but sometimes you need to upgrade. I feel with the newer equipment you have a better idea of what you are dealing with."


"Aly is so sweet & such a great person to have greeting your customers. She always makes me feel so welcome. And there aren't enough kind words for your staff, especially (in my experiences) Dr. Nylaan & Julie! They went above & beyond to make me feel safe and comfortable. I have had numerous horrible experiences in the past with other dentists that has made it difficult for me to get work done because of the fear that they created. I switched to Dr. Nylaan this year because of his use of the STA Wand and I have been pleasantly surprised with how wonderful this office is. I am always fearful of the "numb" feeling and this new technology has put me at ease during procedures. I love that Dr. Nylaan stays up to date with the latest and greatest techniques. Not only that, but I do not feel silly for my fear of going to the dentist, like I have at every other office that I have been to before. I truly do feel that they are working with me and not just on my teeth."


"Comparing your dental office to my old dental office I think I was seeing Fred Flintstone. I love all the technology and the high level of care I received. "


"After my initial visit I felt proud to be a patient of this practice! Everyone is very kind, the doctor is very honest, non-judgmental and has made it clear their practice treats the entire patient, not just the teeth."


"The technology used in the office is state of the art and the team is very professional and knowledgeable. This type of service is very hard to find.""


"You always go above and beyond. On my last visit Oliva offered to walk me to my car with an umbrella due to the pouring rain. The staff is exceptional at taking great care of their patients."


"Everyone is always friendly. The team is knowledgeable and are always willing to offer encouragement to keep doing a good job at taking care of your teeth."


"I am really glad that I am a patient of your practice. Each and every member of the staff makes me feel like I am the only patient that you have, which, of course is not true. Everything is very organized, clean, and orderly and shows that your practice cares about all of the things you do both large and small. I am proud to be your patient! Your practice has done the impossible, making going to the dentist as easy and pleasurable as going to the spa. Keep up the good work, you patients appreciate it."


"The entire team at Nylaan dental is professional, friendly and helpful. Every person treats us so kindly and explains things so well."


"I appreciate the latest technology and treatment. I know I will receive the very best care. I love the Dental Health Investment Plan. We moved to Traverse City, but will continue to come back to Grand Rapids for our dental care."


"I had a GREAT experience. I never thought I would say that about a dental visit."


"My visit was great!"


"I appreciated the time you took to explain everything to me about my appointment."


"I receive the very best care from everyone on the team!"


"I am very thankful for the immediate care when I had a dental emergency!"


"Shauna is an awesome hygienist. She does a great job, is very thorough and explains everything in great detail. I have never been the biggest fan of the dentist, but Shauna, Dr. Nylaan and all of the dental team have really opened my eyes to how great a dental experience can be!"


"Great job!"


"Brian, the former Miss Shira and the rest of his team are the best in the business ."


"I always feel like home when I am in your office. Keep up the great work all of you.."


"I really like that the entire staff is helpful and never act like my questions are stupid, even if they may be! I also love that the office gives back to the community with Zumba classes and multiple donations to non-profit organizations. "


"I love that everyone is always smiling and happy. The office is very clean, and I love all the little things like lip balm, massage chairs, neck wraps and ipods to listen to music during my treatment."


"Since I've been seeing Brian for several years, I took it for granted that the technology used by the office was pretty standard, only to learn that isn't necessarily true. So, it's exciting to go to a practice that is constantly improving with the latest techniques. "


"I never liked going to the dentist...until I became a patient of Dr. Nylaan's!"


"I'm always comfortable and at ease. I'm treated great by everyone. I expect to leave with some pain, but I never do. It's great to look forward to going to the dentist."


"I've just moved to the area, and I'm so glad I found Dr. Nylaan! He is a great professional and his staff is outstanding! From the moment you get into the office to the moment you leave, you are always surrounded by smiles from everyone! I would definitely recommend Dr. Nylaan to family and friends!"


"Brian, given my dental background and anxiety - I say this respectively - your team is great! They sure eased the tension! I have never been offered a warm towel, bottled water, or a pillow at any other dentist office. I am very impressed with the all around friendly atmosphere, as well as the team is well educated in the areas of expertise!"


"Brian is a maestro with a needle! The numbness wore off quickly and I had absolutely no pain or soreness."


"Everything was great - as it always is. Can't imagine having anyone else take care of our dental needs."


"The receptionist greets my family and I by name. The waiting room is warm and inviting, although we don't ever get a chance to spend much time there. The office team schedules so well we always get in for our appointment. The dentist is commonly known as a 'place of pain', but we have never had that experience. My son had to have 11 teeth pulled and he does not have one bad memory. Not only do the staff treat their clients well, but they are active in the community and are participate in building a better environment."


"I have enjoyed many years with your office. Everything has been professional and all your staff are friendly. I look forward to seeing you all at my next appointment."


"Hey Brian, my husband Mike is still doing great - thanks to you and your new numbing technique. You took a guy who couldn't numb up in the past with the old techniques...and numbed him up! Wow! We'll have to start calling you the Miracle Worker :-) You're the best Brian! Thank you!!!"


"Thanks for squeezing me in and making it so painless - love the new technique rather than being numb."


"Being aware of how a dental office should be run, since I work in the medical field, I think that your office should be rated A-1 in every aspect. Thanks for the best care every time I come to see you and it has been many years."


"Our whole family enjoys your office and it's friendly atmosphere."


"I feel that your staff is very knowledgeable and kind. I am so glad I found you!"


"I feel very welcome at your office and am confident of the service I receive for you. You guys are the best!"


"Keep up the great service."


"I appreciate you are so meticulous with sanitation. Everything has a barrier and is wiped down after its use. From the pre-rinse mouthwash to the plastic covers on the mouse, attention to preventing germ spread is evident throughout your office."


"Everyone was very friendly and it was an experience like no other dental visit I have had in the past."


"As always, everyone was kind, gracious, helpful and gentle. Thanks."


"Thanks to the whole staff for keeping my family welcome and comfortable. Great job!"


"I really enjoy the new building, and I love the computers you now have to show us our teeth, very informative."


"What a great dentist office! My family & I are new patients and so glad that we found this dentist office. They have a great staff and everyone is very welcoming and professional. The atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed as well. My son had a great experience and is no longer nervous or scared to go to the dentist. Everything is explained thoroughly and thoughtfully prior to procedures and all procedures are done with new technology and equipment.
I highly recommend this dentist office!"


"I feel you are my friends as well as my dentist."


"Because of your artistic talent and hard work I have a beautiful tooth. I cannot begin to tell you how good that makes me feel."


"I cannot even begin to thank all of you for the special and best care I've ever received from a dentist and staff."


"I've been coming to this office for over 10 years and have never had a problem. That's a long time and I'm still a loyal customer and have no plans of ever going anywhere else."


"I have been a patient with Brian for a long time, and the progress and changes in the equipment is amazing. The office always has the newest technology and techniques."


"I always feel welcome - like I'm remembered - not just a number."


"We have had Brian as our dentist for years and feel that everyone is our friend as well as someone helping to keep our teeth in great shape."

Fred & Arlie

"I appreciate the fact that Brian is up to date with his medical techniques, that he is so particular when choosing colors for crowns, that he listens and answers questions - even when he is obviously busy."


"I enjoy the personal service that I get at your office as opposed to my physician."


"I am impressed overall with Brian's use of technology and the 'sanitation' measures. Your office goes above and beyond what I expect."


"I feel you have made going to the dentist a fun place to go - instead of a dreaded place to go. Thank you!"


"If it were not for Dr. Nylaan taking quick action when I came in earlier this year, who knows how much further the oral cancer would have progressed before being detected. I am were I am due to his diligence and quick action. I am certain he is instrumental in saving my life. "


"Your staff is always friendly and knowledgeable."


"Thank you for your patience and caring. I really appreciated everything you did for me at my last appointment."


"Thank you taking such good care of me during my appointment. Your kindness made my day."


"You made my day."


"The facility and dental team are amazing!"


"To Brian and his 'Super' staff, thank you for everything you do for me. I appreciate it."


"I am so grateful for Dr. Nylaan and his amazing staff. I truly feel like one of their family from the moment I walk through the doors. They help me take great care of my teeth with realistic expectations and no judgment."


"My family has been coming here for many years and plan to continue. The staff is very knowledgeable, always very thorough and exceptionally friendly. I would definitely recommend them!"


"Another great cleaning and checkup by Dr Brian and Kaitie yesterday! Dr Brian and staff have been taking care of my family for over 20 years. They not only keep us healthy in our dental care, but alert us to possible medical issues that may manifest themselves in mouth and jaw pain. Thank you Dr Brian and staff for continuing to keep my family healthy!"


"Love their laser option for fillings. A great alternative to anesthesia on those minor cavities."


"I love going here! They are friendly and keep a very clean environment. I have gone here for 21 years and even as a child had amazing experiences."


"The office is clean and top notch Doc is super friendly and answered all questions. I will refer all of my friends and family to his office."


"Dr. Nylaan and his staff are great and he does a great job with my kids."


"I had an awesome experience at this dentist office. The whole staff is very friendly and helpful. They made me feel so comfortable. I recommend his office to anyone. I plan to have my daughter start here to."


"Had to get a cavity filled and dr Brian used a water laser to fill it, no numbing needed. It was quick and painless! I was very pleased! Definitely would recommend Nylaan dental!"


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